Dream In Technicolour

Our vision is expansive and unfettered; we dream BIG. The journey is the destination and we are enjoying every part of it. Dreams this lucid are contagious.

Our Vision

Creating Projects That Inspire Souls

With specialisms in music production, DJing, visual art & education, we create and deliver projects built on the foundations of the cultures we love. Every aspect of our work is important to us because we want to change lives by impacting and inspiring people on a deep level.


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Project Manager

Video & Photo Credits

J.Wilson, H.Wood, George Aytoun & Elina Ola



If I say I am committed to this, it wont convey a fraction of the effort I have put into developing my craft.

Hip Hop culture was the bridge that led Moyma into DJing and visual art. His love for scratch DJing and graffiti writing inspired him to seek schooling from Hiphop legends on the East (NYC) & West (L.A) coast. His hate for his first job was the bridge that led him into ditching his 9-5 and pursuing his passions. By following his heart he has exhibited his work, won awards, taught nationwide, had his music synced and performed all over the globe. His current work is a fusion of art forms.

Dj mixes



moyma graf nyc moyma DJing visual art graffiti Hiphop


moyma dj moyma skateboarding UK music production DJing visual art
moyma skateboarding dj moyma DJing visual art graffiti Hiphop

Every aspect of our work is important to us because we want to change lives by impacting and inspiring people on a deep level.


How we can help you

All of our services are personalised to your specific needs and requirements

Music Production

Keeping the drums crunchy and the grooves funky, we specialise in many styles and have an ear for many genres. Our music will help your project move the crowd.


Would you like the freshest cuts on your track? A seasoned DJ for your live show or the perfect vibe for your event? We've got you! You need a wedding DJ? Sorry...we can't help.


Make sure your visuals are dripping with style. Get fresh visual branding, private commissions, and consultancy for your projects. Illustration & graphics are the main areas we work in.


Discover who you are and what you are here to do. Is that a big claim? We can help you unlock your potential with proven practical steps to build an artistic life of freedom.

Brand Strategy

Plot & scheme the branding plan for your artistic vision so that when you take it to the market, it won't have lost its soul. Visuals are key but we guide you on being more than just a cute logo.


Easy to follow music production, visual art & DJing sessions online. We have been dedicated to learning these skills and we are confident we can help you cut the learning curve on any of them.

Hit Us Up


If you are interested in connecting on a project or want more details on what we offer please drop us a line, we would love to hear from you. When you contact us we will make sure you get the full details on what we offer and how we deliver it.


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